This semester just keeps getting better and better, albeit the more days of working and more projects for classes.¬†Last weekend was spent seeing The Vow and The Grey, eating at The Oasis, gym, homework, getting surprised with flowers at work from Connor, and loving my friends at college. Valentine’s Day was spent getting surprised with flowers in my Environmental Science class my by roommate and then going out to dinner with Nicole, Harrison, Sequoia, AJ, and Connor. Week was the same old classes, working, and a random Phi Alpha event of a fashion show which I had to be a model in. Friday after work I went to a Lumberjack house party with Sara which was a lot of fun. Saturday after the gym and Applebee’s, I spent my night with my Nicole and Marie eating funfetti and popcorn and coloring a mural and calling Connor at midnight to wish him a happy birthday. Sunday was spent working the morning, homework, and celebrating Connor’s birthday by seeing This Means War. I was going to post this yesterday morning, but forgot. The beginning part was scratched out because yesterday I got into a car accident and it fucking sucked. Some bitch rear ended me and sandwiched me in between her and the car in front of me. So now I have damage on both the rear and front of my car, and a massive headache. It was not my day. On the plus side, today has been significantly better already and it isn’t even noon yet. I went to Crookshank Elementary and read four 1st graders Fancy Nancy and they wrote down their favorite fancy words and had a lot of fun with it. These children give me hope in humanity and remind me of how much I cannot wait to be a teacher <3

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